Falcandor chronicles

Fiends and follies

Shortly after the way was cleared for Duke Percival a new threat came to the heroes attention. Corrupt beings known as the fiendspawn had been cutting a swath through the territories controlled by Lord Farabold and it was the peasants living under him that were suffering. For their own reasons each member of the party sought to make their way back to Drumahawke, and when they did they were witness to a siege by a combined force of the fiendspawn and opportunistic orcs. Most of the barons men fell to the taint or by martial prowess of the various attacking factions and as a result some of the baron’s finest warriors where deployed at the city gates. Because the baron had given orders to kill the party as well as the attacking factions a large fight broke out, resulting in the party fleeing from combat as they took exceedingly large amounts of damage at the hands of the skilled warriors. Out of the carnage two members of the party were killed; usk ghik and our party barbarian did not make it out alive. Fortunately Enialis Amakiir could Reincarnate Usk; The once fearsome orc had now become a halfling.

In addition to their loss of pride they left behind a few important things when they fled the city, namely Usk’s Bloodblade and Barmere Ravensfold whom was captured during the fight. The party needed to retrieve their possessions so they used a slew of magic to give themselves the advantage and to spook the barons men.

Tunnels pass pt2

The party bashed through the feral minotaur that guarded the entrance to the cave without so much as entering melee combat. Once inside, however, proved to be less simple. The first chamber seemed calm at first until part of the pool of water stood up to attack the party. Then, a secret door lead to a small group of gnolls who used the same pool of water to flank the party. After searching through the first chamber the party went onward, a few monsters stood between them and their goal of liberating the cave. Once they cleared out most of the path they came upon a very large chamber. Inside the chamber was an immense creature known in local legends as the terror of tunnels pass, The party decided against engaging the sleeping creature until they were sure that their flank was secure. They instead found the Troglodytes that were making the stench and quickly dispatched them. With that they confirmed that the cave was clear save for the terror of the pass itself. They engaged the beast in combat, resulting in the death of Amethyst and grave wounding of Enalais. The party had however, ensured that the pass was usable by the duke and his men.

Tunnels pass pt1

The party returned to the elf village only to find that the holy knights were still there, although much fewer in number. One of the knights approached the party and asked if they could help him with something. When he had explained that the goblins had set up a fortification in their way to freedom and had some strange weapon that was the equal of 100 archers the party soon realized that this man did need help. He asked them to clear out an old underground passage that they had found, Tunnels pass. He had included that the scout who had found the entrance claimed that the entrance reeked of Troglodytes. They soon headed off with the same scout to find the fabled pass.

Battle of the Bards

A goblin that was all to familiar to Usk stepped out of the bushes and started singing some goblin deathmetal as Barmere was ripped into the bushes by a large, furry hand. Realizing what had happened, Topaz used her assassin’s vest to blink behind the meat shields and prepare her heavy crossbow. within moments, Sheeza was barking out orders such as “Do you not know tactics? Get the casters behind the meat shields,” and ,“Topaz, start playing some music.” The large hand belonged to a talonwolf who had completely decapitated the vampire and had released some dire wolves on the party. Within a few seconds the wolves were dispatched and the talonwolf was surrounded by our party, and as such had the living sh*t beaten out of him. Looking over to see why the goblins deathmetal was no longer occuring they saw a large column of goblins charging forth. Topaz, barely looking up from her panpipes, gave a death stare that intimidated the goblins into fleeing before they had even closed with their enemies.

with the end of the immediate danger at hand the party searched for the low level adventurers. The zombie had managed to knock them all unconscious without taking a single hit. The zombie then went on to say, “It is clear that the fruit of power is no longer safe with me, I implore you to not let it fall into the hands of evil.” With that he handed a banana to Topaz; The banana of power was the real fruit of power all along.

The fruit of might

After our PCs return to the elvish village they are beset by many newcomers, mostly humans. You can practically fell the static in the air, the elves still believe the humans to be at war with them and a large band of paladins and holy knights has come to reclaim duke Percival, much to the dismay of Lord Farabold. As such they are also escorting a small party of low level adventurers on a ridiculous quest for the apple of power. Two figures stand out among the adventurers; they appear to be actually competent adventurers. It is soon discovered that they are hired hands, Ariela Silvermane, their guide, and Sheeza Silverscar, A drow hired to motivate the party with her bard skills (also important to note that she is Nina Silverscar’s sister). Our party is asked to aid them in their quest for the magical fruit.

A short while later (as Ariela knew the area) they had arrived to the grove where the apple was rumored to exist, there to meet them was a particularly odd zombie. The zombie did not show any awareness to his own being undead as he still behaved like the paladin that he was in life. “None shall take the fruit of power,” Said the zombie, “Those who would dare challenge my sacred duty must go through me first!”

with that the low level adventurers charged forward to combat the zombie. Topaz, realizing how stupid they were, tried to stop them as Barmere tried to keep up with her. Then, the fight suddenly became a whole lot more serious as the snickers and laughing of goblins could be heard amongst the growls and barks of wolves.

Yet another addition on the horizon

although our fellowship seems to be growing at a ridiculous rate, the NPCs are backing down for the time being. With that said we may be welcoming anther addition soon. Although the PCs have not actively searched for more fellowship members they seem to be flocking to them. (largely because Ben doesn’t know how to not die…) Aside from the PCs knowledge, Nolan Deathhand has put out a call for someone to temporarily take over his position in the party as he has more important matters to attend to at the time being. We might very well see a new PC soon.

In other news of our current party members, a reunion is soon at hand. Usk Ghik and his orcish friend, Bruusk Gro-bash, have returned after unsuccessfully aiding sir Ragikor in his quest. Topaz, Enialis Amakiir, Barmere Ravensfold, and Dench have also returned from their quest, slaying the fierce green dragon that had been consuming the elvish villagers. Who knows what will happen when both parties return to the elves? (here’s a hint, I don’t)

different paths and sidequests

After the new initiate, Dench, had arrived in the elvish lands he requested to join our adventurers. To gain entry to their fellowship he must complete a task for them; He was to ask the elves if there was a creature in need of slaying and then to help them slay it. The party with their new addition had defeated a young adult green dragon that had been eating elvish peasants and destroying their village.

However, while they were away finding and fighting the dragon, an Ogre mercenary by the name of Sir Ragikor had requested that usk ghik be handed over to him and had paid bail for him. It is currently unknown what Sir Ragikor wants to do with Usk but time will tell.

Elvish Trials

The party has recently fought and lost against a group of elvish law enforcement agents and are now on trial. The current party consists of Topaz, Enialis Amakiir,usk ghik, Barmere,and some other random guy that just kinda showed up after several adventurers died. As they would have only been charged with trespassing they have made their situation considerably worse by resisting arrest. current charges to usk ghik include : trespassing, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, murder, mass genocide of goblins without a permit, and being an orc. current charges against Enialis and Barmere include : trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. Topaz has the lightest charges with just trespassing.

Many different people will be showing up to the trails as the party was escorting Duke Gabriel back to civilized society after he had been chased to a woodland fortress by the dreaded Baron Farabold. Many of the NPCs that the party has befriended may show up as well to try to change the opinions of the party.

Dragon slayers

The PCs had finally finished their quest to defeat the dread Mrauget Mightflame. They had also slain his younger brother Fafnir, the mountain terror in mortal combat and have since moved on to explore the dragons hoard.

An unlikely ally

The party has just overtaken the goblin fortress only to find that one of the prisoners, an orc by the name of usk ghik was trapped there. Once they freed him they did not regret helping him. Currently Usk is traveling with the party as one of their more successful party members.


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