Falcandor chronicles

Yet another addition on the horizon

although our fellowship seems to be growing at a ridiculous rate, the NPCs are backing down for the time being. With that said we may be welcoming anther addition soon. Although the PCs have not actively searched for more fellowship members they seem to be flocking to them. (largely because Ben doesn’t know how to not die…) Aside from the PCs knowledge, Nolan Deathhand has put out a call for someone to temporarily take over his position in the party as he has more important matters to attend to at the time being. We might very well see a new PC soon.

In other news of our current party members, a reunion is soon at hand. Usk Ghik and his orcish friend, Bruusk Gro-bash, have returned after unsuccessfully aiding sir Ragikor in his quest. Topaz, Enialis Amakiir, Barmere Ravensfold, and Dench have also returned from their quest, slaying the fierce green dragon that had been consuming the elvish villagers. Who knows what will happen when both parties return to the elves? (here’s a hint, I don’t)



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