Vengeful tree spirit


Mayeti is a creature that has only recently stirred but has existed as long as the trees of life have. As a last ditch effort, a tree of life awakened the treeborne from their endless slumber only to find that it had been to late. That tree of life has fallen and although there are others, the area around that tree will never more grow any new trees. To the treeborne this is an outrage, and as such many of them have sought out those who would harm the remaining trees of life. Mayeti has sworn an oath to track down and eliminateMrauget Mightflame and his goblin followers; those that destroyed the tree of life.

Shortly after awakening, this treeborne saw creatures he’d never imagined possible; our party. As they had helped him defeat the remaining goblin forces in the area, he agreed to help them. He often pops in and out of the adventure and is usually providing ranged support with his mighty bow, Oakentongue.


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