Mrauget Mightflame

Maturing adult dragon that has casued much evil


he is a mixture between an adult red dragon and a mature adult green dragon w/ red dragon fire breath and very few magical abilities.


Mrauget developed considerable taste for contact with demons some 300 years prior to the current events unfolding. evidence of this can be seen in his now abandoned horde as there were numerous demonic artifacts and a demonstone powered portal deep within the dragoncrest mountains. In the past he had consorted with the mysterious and powerful being known only as the doppelganger. During one of his many past encounters with the vile creature he thought it best to know what the doppelganger had in store for the demons he had called through the gate. Much to his surprise he had gotten a one-word response; “vengeance”. Obviously enough to the Dragon this meant that he had required some sort of aid from the demons on the material plane as it would be much simpler to ask to use the gate to track them down and eliminate demons. So his response to this odd answer was simply, “against whom?”. The doppelgangers tale had intrigued him, but that is a tale for another day.

However, Mrauget did not get the name mightflame for calling demons into the world for an untold plot. 300 years ago he had also done many things to make himself feared, hated, and respected. The kingdom’s outpost of ravensfold was a much needed trading outpost as it was the halfway marker between the kingdom and the only known and working port in Falcandor. Ravensfold however was built on land that once belonged to both a tribe of werewolves and a clan of goblins. Every month the werewolves and goblins would coordinate a raid on the outpost, sometime being a fairly successful task and sometimes not. When the werewolves and goblins had mustered up their most impressive raiding party of the decade something unexpected happened. Mrauget had flown down to the meeting and offered to help the goblins and werewolves crush the outpost for reasons unknown to anyone but himself. It was on the last night of the full moon when he had light the town ablaze. A few guardsmen were left to fight hordes of goblins and werewolves on their own, their ranks includedBarmere Ravensfold (who the town would later be named after). During the fight mrauget had killed the woman Barmere was courting and as such bares a scar on his left shoulder were Barmere had run his blade, Talon, through him. Although Barmere still travels with our party now he had died during the attack. If it were not for this wound Mrauget would have utterly destroyed the outpost but he decided it better to lick his wounds and try again later. Unfortunately for the goblins and werewolves, he left just in time for the king’s reinforcements to arrive.

He also has family still living (excluding his brother,Fafnir)

Mrauget Mightflame

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