Nolan Deathhand

Mysterious Necromancer allied with the party


sorcerer 12

Hp 88

Ac 17

int +5

Speed 30

Str 19

Dex 20

Con 20

Int 17

Wis 16

Cha 22

Ba / Grppl +6/1 / 10

Fort +9_ Ref +9_ Will +11

Nolan’s Staff + 10/5 (1d6 +4) x2

Nolan’s Staff(ranged) +20 (2d4 +5) x2 note: treat as though cast Nolan’s dark energy

– Spells -


0: Nolan’s Dark Energy

Ray of Frost

1: Chill touch

Ray of enfeeblement

2: Animate Nolan’s minion

3: Vampiric touch

Lightning bolt

dispel magic

4: Curse

Animate dead


5: Deathhand’s touch


cone of cold

6: Animate Nolan’s ally

– Feats -

combat casting

spell penetration

greater spell penetration

eschew materials

still spell

scribe scroll


Nolan is quite the mysterious character with quite the hidden agenda. While he is not usually there to help the party, his aid can easily turn the tide of their battles. While normally a necromancer would be shunned in the party, our party doesn’t exactly seem to have a unified alignment; Enialis Amakiir is Neutral, Topaz is Chaotic good, usk ghik is Chaotic Evil, etc. While his story and motives are unclear, nobody has thought to question the Necromancer.

Nolan Deathhand

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