usk ghik

orc blackrider


str-19 dex-14 con-18 int-15 wis-13 cha-13 hp-103 ac-21 flat-footed-19 touch-12 initiative-2 fortitude-11 reflex-5 will-4 base attack-9/4 grapple-13 dragon great sword attack bonus-15/10 damage-2d6+1 critical-19-20 notes ghost touch durtak rsk attack bonus-14/9 damage-2d4+6 critical-18-20 notes vampire masterwork great sword attack bonus-15/10 damage-2d6 critical-19-20 lance attack bonus-14/9 damage-1d8 critical-15-204 range-10 notes-auto hit on crit +3vorpal greataxe of shatter attack bonus-14/9 damage-1d12+3 critical-3 notes-vorpal shatter


Usk is an orc from the draconis tribe as can be guessed by his draconic name meaning “Iron orc”. Although it would seem odd to have an orc in a party of adventurers he has grown accustomed to his new lifestyle rather quickly seeing as he not all that long ago was caged by goblins. Luckily for Usk he had been captured only a few days before the adventurers had arrived. When he had escaped by accepting the help of the adventurers he had forfeit his honor as an orc, and thus he needed a new lifestyle. Although he no longer lives among his tribe, as they up until recently believed him dead, he still is in connection with them. Recently he had been reconnected to the tribe by one of his childhood friends, Bruusk grobash, who was seeking one of Usk’s family heirlooms lest it be forever lost to his family only to have found Usk living and well. What could be in store for the blackrider and his faithful mount as their journey throughout Falcandor continues? Only time (and the GM) will tell.

usk ghik

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