Falcandor chronicles

Elvish Trials

The party has recently fought and lost against a group of elvish law enforcement agents and are now on trial. The current party consists of Topaz, Enialis Amakiir,usk ghik, Barmere,and some other random guy that just kinda showed up after several adventurers died. As they would have only been charged with trespassing they have made their situation considerably worse by resisting arrest. current charges to usk ghik include : trespassing, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, murder, mass genocide of goblins without a permit, and being an orc. current charges against Enialis and Barmere include : trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. Topaz has the lightest charges with just trespassing.

Many different people will be showing up to the trails as the party was escorting Duke Gabriel back to civilized society after he had been chased to a woodland fortress by the dreaded Baron Farabold. Many of the NPCs that the party has befriended may show up as well to try to change the opinions of the party.

Dragon slayers

The PCs had finally finished their quest to defeat the dread Mrauget Mightflame. They had also slain his younger brother Fafnir, the mountain terror in mortal combat and have since moved on to explore the dragons hoard.

An unlikely ally

The party has just overtaken the goblin fortress only to find that one of the prisoners, an orc by the name of usk ghik was trapped there. Once they freed him they did not regret helping him. Currently Usk is traveling with the party as one of their more successful party members.


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