Falcandor chronicles

Battle of the Bards

A goblin that was all to familiar to Usk stepped out of the bushes and started singing some goblin deathmetal as Barmere was ripped into the bushes by a large, furry hand. Realizing what had happened, Topaz used her assassin’s vest to blink behind the meat shields and prepare her heavy crossbow. within moments, Sheeza was barking out orders such as “Do you not know tactics? Get the casters behind the meat shields,” and ,“Topaz, start playing some music.” The large hand belonged to a talonwolf who had completely decapitated the vampire and had released some dire wolves on the party. Within a few seconds the wolves were dispatched and the talonwolf was surrounded by our party, and as such had the living sh*t beaten out of him. Looking over to see why the goblins deathmetal was no longer occuring they saw a large column of goblins charging forth. Topaz, barely looking up from her panpipes, gave a death stare that intimidated the goblins into fleeing before they had even closed with their enemies.

with the end of the immediate danger at hand the party searched for the low level adventurers. The zombie had managed to knock them all unconscious without taking a single hit. The zombie then went on to say, “It is clear that the fruit of power is no longer safe with me, I implore you to not let it fall into the hands of evil.” With that he handed a banana to Topaz; The banana of power was the real fruit of power all along.



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