Falcandor chronicles

The fruit of might

After our PCs return to the elvish village they are beset by many newcomers, mostly humans. You can practically fell the static in the air, the elves still believe the humans to be at war with them and a large band of paladins and holy knights has come to reclaim duke Percival, much to the dismay of Lord Farabold. As such they are also escorting a small party of low level adventurers on a ridiculous quest for the apple of power. Two figures stand out among the adventurers; they appear to be actually competent adventurers. It is soon discovered that they are hired hands, Ariela Silvermane, their guide, and Sheeza Silverscar, A drow hired to motivate the party with her bard skills (also important to note that she is Nina Silverscar’s sister). Our party is asked to aid them in their quest for the magical fruit.

A short while later (as Ariela knew the area) they had arrived to the grove where the apple was rumored to exist, there to meet them was a particularly odd zombie. The zombie did not show any awareness to his own being undead as he still behaved like the paladin that he was in life. “None shall take the fruit of power,” Said the zombie, “Those who would dare challenge my sacred duty must go through me first!”

with that the low level adventurers charged forward to combat the zombie. Topaz, realizing how stupid they were, tried to stop them as Barmere tried to keep up with her. Then, the fight suddenly became a whole lot more serious as the snickers and laughing of goblins could be heard amongst the growls and barks of wolves.



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