Falcandor chronicles

Fiends and follies

Shortly after the way was cleared for Duke Percival a new threat came to the heroes attention. Corrupt beings known as the fiendspawn had been cutting a swath through the territories controlled by Lord Farabold and it was the peasants living under him that were suffering. For their own reasons each member of the party sought to make their way back to Drumahawke, and when they did they were witness to a siege by a combined force of the fiendspawn and opportunistic orcs. Most of the barons men fell to the taint or by martial prowess of the various attacking factions and as a result some of the baron’s finest warriors where deployed at the city gates. Because the baron had given orders to kill the party as well as the attacking factions a large fight broke out, resulting in the party fleeing from combat as they took exceedingly large amounts of damage at the hands of the skilled warriors. Out of the carnage two members of the party were killed; usk ghik and our party barbarian did not make it out alive. Fortunately Enialis Amakiir could Reincarnate Usk; The once fearsome orc had now become a halfling.

In addition to their loss of pride they left behind a few important things when they fled the city, namely Usk’s Bloodblade and Barmere Ravensfold whom was captured during the fight. The party needed to retrieve their possessions so they used a slew of magic to give themselves the advantage and to spook the barons men.



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