Falcandor chronicles

Tunnels pass pt2

The party bashed through the feral minotaur that guarded the entrance to the cave without so much as entering melee combat. Once inside, however, proved to be less simple. The first chamber seemed calm at first until part of the pool of water stood up to attack the party. Then, a secret door lead to a small group of gnolls who used the same pool of water to flank the party. After searching through the first chamber the party went onward, a few monsters stood between them and their goal of liberating the cave. Once they cleared out most of the path they came upon a very large chamber. Inside the chamber was an immense creature known in local legends as the terror of tunnels pass, The party decided against engaging the sleeping creature until they were sure that their flank was secure. They instead found the Troglodytes that were making the stench and quickly dispatched them. With that they confirmed that the cave was clear save for the terror of the pass itself. They engaged the beast in combat, resulting in the death of Amethyst and grave wounding of Enalais. The party had however, ensured that the pass was usable by the duke and his men.



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